Monday, March 31, 2008

Big Announcement - I've moved my Blog

My blog has moved to:

Just click on the link above to get there.
No more stories or recipes will be posted here.

Some months ago I made a big decision . . . that I wanted to "own" the domain name, Tastingspoons. Actually you never really own it, you just rent it year after year. As long as you pay the bill, you can take up residence at that site. So, after reading up about it, buying more than one book on different subjects related to html, WordPress (one type of software that runs the editor portion and design of websites and/or blogs), and CSS, I finally got it up and running. It's been a rocky and bumpy road for me to get there, but I'm now happy with the format of the new site. My new blog has additional pages (things about my favorite books of all time, for instance, and a page with most of my art, including short blurbs about them).

All my posts have been transferred (from the beginning of this blog), but comments can't be, so I'm sorry to say that the comments you all have done, will just have to remain here on this site. I'll keep this site up and running for awhile, but eventually I'll delete it. Everything is contained over at the new site.

Subscriptions: you can go on over there, to the new site and will need to re-subscribe there if you want to get an email whenever I've uploaded a new post.

If you want to to know more specific details about why I've done this, it was for a variety of reasons. (1) I wanted more options, more ability to make the blog look like what I wanted, rather than what blogspot thinks is the only way; (2) I wanted to add other pages without adding other complete websites, which was what I had to do through blogspot; so now I have a page for Books, a page for My Recipes, a page for My Art, and an About Me page that includes a whole lot more info, if you're inclined to want to know more about me than you already do; (3) WordPress designs are legion in number, i.e., there are just hundreds and hundreds of different designs out there in the web-sphere that work with WordPress and are FREE; (4) I wanted more font options than blogspot offered, which is very limited. Since my background is in advertising, I'm very particular about fonts and how they look. I won't have endless options using WordPress, but more than I do now.

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