Friday, March 14, 2008

Protect Your Brain with a Book

Did you know . . . according to Prevention Magazine (December '07) . . .

  • "Cozying up with a good book shields your brain from decline. Baltimore's Center for Occupational and Environmental Neurology studied 112 factory workers with similar blood levels of lead, a known mental health hazard, and those with an 11th grade reading level or lower did half as well on cognitive tests as better readers. Researchers theorize that bookworms develop a brainpower reservoir that's tapped when disease or aging threatens their gray matter." And, the article also says:

  • The average number of books a person has read in the last year . . . 4.
I read waaaay more books than that. I read a lot - not just books, but also magazines and a variety of things online. Puzzle type games are supposed to be good for our brains too. Well, with those statistics, I'm likely to live to at least 120 or more. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I have long known there is nothing 'average' about readership in my family. Our grandmother was a librarian and our mom a reading teacher; reading is in our blood.

I have read four books in the past two weeks. I get my book club mailing, make a list of interesting items and then borrow them from the library. I love it.

Griffin has been reading a book every two days. *big proud grin*