Friday, January 18, 2008

Onion Goggles Revisited

Someone uploaded a comment to my posting about Onion Goggles, and asked about where to buy these, so am writing a separate post just about these things. A quick explanation - the darker curved strip you can see on the inside of the lenses is a soft foam, and it fits snugly against your face. Keeps all fumes from reaching your eyes. All. These things work like a charm. I paid $19.99, I believe. They may be available at your local cookware store (I bought these at Great News in San Diego). They are available online at:
Amazon, in pink, black and white. For $17.99, plus shipping, of course.
Dynamic-Living, in green/black, for $19.99, plus shipping.
Or, read a discussion of them over at Chowhound.
I read several discussion groups about the onion goggles. Some people speculate that they won't work (those who have never tried them). People who wear contacts are less bothered by the vapors. You can also wear swim goggles, which should do the same thing. One reader keeps a cheap pair in her kitchen drawer. Other people claim the onion goggles don't work. But, for me, these absolutely DO work, and my eyes are very sensitive to the sulphur vapor from onions. Enough said.

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