Monday, January 21, 2008

My Kitchen Blog Station

This is one side of my kitchen. When I designed this new kitchen 2 years ago, I knew I wanted a place where I could sit down with my recipes. My red-topped Dell laptop sits here at all times. I change the message that scrolls across the screensaver now and then. Right now it says "Are you ready for Valentine's Day?" The background is red, the type in white. This area is also my baking center. Behind those wood backsplashes (behind the laptop) are appliance garages that house my Kitchen Aid mixer, blender, food processor and toaster. The lowest drawers below are a specific height to house my big plastic Tupperware bins of flour and sugar. Above on the left I keep my spices (you already saw the herbs - they live over by the range).

Hanging up above the laptop is a fold-down TV screen (it's small) and DVD player. Sometimes when I sit here I turn on morning television. I do most of my blogging early in the morning. The laptop houses all of my photography, there's a convenient USB hookup here for my digital camera, and my main MasterCook cookbook (my own) gets updated here. Sometimes I have stories already composed, and I merely have to press a few keys and it's posted on those internet highways. Other times, like today, for instance, I didn't have a story ready and had to write one. Often I write up posts in the evening after I've prepared dinner. After the pictures are taken, the last morsel digested. My loving DH always does the dishes, bless his heart, so after I put away any remaining food, I can go upstairs to my home office (where my Tivo lives, another gadget that I adore) and do whatever I want.

Our main family room is to the far left of this picture above and our much larger screen TV, so I can only listen to my little TV when my DH isn't there.

Our family room, from the kitchen
Since there aren't all that many spices, they are confined in a relatively small space on two lazy susan rounders. I even have a tad of empty space up there on the top shelves. Only reason is that I can't reach up that far without getting out my kitchen ladder.

So now, you can picture me perched on the chair, allowing my mind to wander, writing away. Blogging.


Toffeeapple said...

What a lovely home you have, Carolyn. Your kitchen is truly 'well appointed' and tidy too. Mine is more of a rabbit hutch which just allows me in there, nothing else.

Helene said...

I like your workplace. What we saw of your house looks really good.