Sunday, December 9, 2007

Rainy Day and Sunday

Is this not gorgeous? There it was, all wet and dewy from the rain we'd had on Thursday night. My DH cut this very last rose on Friday morning and brought it to me, all trimmed and vased to set in front of me here at my kitchen computer. He's the gardener in the family. I positively have a black thumb. His specialty, I'd say, is roses. And this one, a hybrid tea rose, a Mr. Lincoln by name, is so very fragrant, even here in December. Even though I don't garden, I know what I like when it comes to roses. I love the hybrid teas. Our favorite is the Chrysler Imperial, for its fragrance. It's similar to Mr. Lincoln. On the rare occasions when we visit some gorgeous commercial gardens, I usually have a notepad in hand, stopping to admire the varieties and to smell each one, making notes about the more fragrant ones to add to our small collection. In this house where we live now we have few places to grow roses, but we've hollowed out a little space about 6 feet square and it houses a few plants.

But this Mr. Lincoln, we've both stopped to admire, to smell it's glorious aroma several times since. Thank you, Lord, for bringing us the beauty of nature to admire and enjoy.

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