Monday, November 12, 2007

Home again, home again, jig jig jig

Doors in Rothenburg, Germany.

It's wonderful taking vacations. Even the mound of laundry is okay. It's the flights here to there and back that is so hard. Flying is no fun anymore. Now it's just something dreadful you have to "get through" in order to enjoy the vacation. We even paid for some upgraded seats on British Airways for this trip, about twice what coach seats would cost. Meals were disgusting. I guess I shouldn't complain. At least we HAD meals on the plane.

Nevertheless, no matter how long I'm gone, it's always wonderful arriving home. Tired, dragging, jet lagged, wanting a shower, etc. But it's wonderful walking into your safe haven. To look at the view out the window. To sit quietly with a fresh cup of espresso.

We had a great time on our trip. Sorry I wasn't able to upload more comments and photos, but I was limited by the very slow wireless network on the ship, having to share the connection with others using it too. Today I'll upload a few more photos from the trip. Tomorrow I'm going to upload the photos I took at our last night in Budapest, at the fabulous restaurant, Gundel. So, here are a few more photo reflections from the river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. Highly recommended, as long as you like a slow pace.

Outside the Gutenberg Museum (Germany).

Cobblestone streets along the Rhine River.

Paprika peppers and garlic in Budapest.

Building corner in Regensburg, Germany.


anne said...

Hi- I just started reading your blog a month or so ago and really enjoy it. I found it by clicking "Next blog" at the top of a friend's blog that I read regularly. I thought it was coincidence enough that I also like food and lived in Southern California while I was in grad school, but it looks like we were in Rothenburg, Germany just a couple weeks apart. This is the link for a set of pictures I took in Germany- some are older, but my most recent ones from Rothenburg are there. Unfortunately, I haven't recovered from my trip enough to update my own website.
Thank you for writing!

Carolyn T said...

Your photos are great. We were limited in what we saw, of course, because we were on a ship, but it really was beautiful scenery.