Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bratwursts in Rothenburg

Were these ever GOOD! In Rothenburg our day trip included a lunch at a local hotel where they served us the Rothenburg sausages, sauerkraut (underneath the sausages) and a heap of mashed potatoes, along with their tasty mustard. We also went through Nurnberg (Nuremburg) where that area specializes in some different kinds of sausages - they look more like our breakfast sausages, but with lots of herbs and spices in them. Why, oh why, can't we get these at home?


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Melbourne,
The sausages look terrific.

Carolyn T said...

The sausages WERE terrific. wish I could have one today. Alas, we're back home in Califoria, and they're almost impossible to find here. We do have a German deli near us. I think I'll have to revisit them soon.