Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fire and Smoke

This is kind of what our skies looked like yesterday. We have some ashes (people further south have a lot more) but mostly we have this yellow-orange-filtered light that blankets the skies. The photo above (taken near Cooks Corner in Silverado Canyon, east of our home about 7-8 miles) shows the fires are still raging, just beyond the camera range. Our air is awful to breathe. You step outside and you know there's still a lot of fire in the air.
Our daughter and her family are still evacuated in San Diego, although I read online this morning that they may be allowed back home today. They returned to work yesterday in Escondido, with their 2 children, 1 dog and 2 cats in tow (they own their own business, so they can do that). But the Witch Creek Fire that threatened their home, is still burning and only slightly contained. It's just that it's not close to their home any longer. It's moved on.
Our fire is still raging, 30% contained, and is moving up Silverado Canyon (Modjeska is a side-shoot off Silverado). Many homes have been burned. Yesterday morning everyone was evacuated out of the canyon, and I believe they got most of the horses out. There is a line of foothills (well, one foothill) that separates us from that canyon, but it's heading northwest, and southeast - not our direction. The firefighters have set back fires, so it is hoped they'll get the fire stopped, or at least to change direction. The problem is it's now into the Cleveland National Forest, a huge area of chaparral and scrub brush. But hundreds more firefighters have arrived in So California, so they're trying the best they can. So far, our local fire has burned 23,000 acres. So sad. The fire sleuths are pouring over the 3 set-sites that the arsonist prepared, for clues. They say he was an expert - he knew a lot about fire and how to set one.

Thank goodness for these guys, dropping fire retardant. And thankfully, the Santa Ana winds have dropped to zero. Our humidity is still at about 4%, though. (photos from the Orange County Register)


Anonymous said...

What a terrible, terrible thing to be going on. You and your family are still in our prayers. It seems that the "hedge" God has put around you is still in place. Thank God, thank God. Jancd

Carolyn T said...

Thank you for your prayers. They're much appreciated. Most of the damage was to open acreage, forests, and outbuildings. Some horse were lost in our local fire, but no lives.