Sunday, October 28, 2007


Temperature: 50
Weather: overcast, no rain
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We've boarded our ship (small ship) at the harbor in Amsterdam. Above is a photo I just snapped in our cabin. That's DH, Dave, lounging on the ledge. We're docked next to another such small ship, so there isn't much of a view out of the window yet.

Our flights to get here were generally on time, and our luggage, luckily, followed us through London Heathrow (despite British Airways' high incidence of losing luggage when terminal transfers are required, as in our case) and on to Amsterdam. We'd heard some significant horror stories about people having difficulty getting from one terminal to another, even. We didn't have problems. It just took quite a long while. Lots of walking, a 10-minute bus ride, and more and more walking. But, we're here, safe and sound.

We met up with our good friends, Wayne & Lucy, at the hotel, and enjoyed a delicious rijsttafel dinner at a restaurant called Sama Sebo. Having never had this Indonesian "Rice Table" meal, all four of us found the variety of items very generous. Since I understand it'll take a long time to upload photos via the internet connection on the ship (dial-up) I may wait until our return home to load more photos onto the blog.

Jet lag? Well, yes, but let us not put a damper on this blog at this point. Let's just say I think we will sleep well tonight. A half of an Ambien is in order I believe.

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