Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Jersey Shore - it's nice to know you're welcome

It's Fall weather here in Philadelphia and New Jersey shore environs. So different than the heat in Southern California that we left behind last week. Very pleasant. Cool nights. Even some rain. Cool and windy even. We stayed with friends in Newtown Square, a rural village outside Philadelphia for a couple of days and are now in a rural area near Ocean City (DH's home town). He attended his high school reunion last night, catching up with people he hasn't seen in awhile. I didn't go - I don't know anyone. I went out to dinner by myself. Had a mediocre meal at a local restaurant and tavern.

Today DH and our hosts went out boating. I just didn't think I could manage boating with my broken foot and boot. I'm not very nimble with this boot on level ground, let alone a rocking boat. They had a good time and I enjoyed my solitude.

Here are some photos from our host's home.

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Anonymous said...

I think you made the right decision to stay away from the reunion and let your husband talk to his old friends for as long as he wished, reliving old stories you are really not interested in, going back to those old school days. I've gone to be husband's reunions and I've stayed home during the reunions, and staying home is definitely more fun! Jancd