Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ba--ck innn the kit--chen a-gain (singing)

Hooray. We're home from our trip. Exhausted, but home. We flew out of Philadelphia at about 5 pm yesterday. Our flight was cancelled, but we were re-booked to Chicago O'Hare, then to L.A. Arrived at LAX at 11:45 pm California time, and made the fastest trip from the airport to home, ever. About 45 minutes from Parking Lot B to the garage. I saw the doctor this morning and I have an okay to do anything reasonable. Still have some pain walking, every step, so need to do some exercises 3x a day to loosen up those tendons that have atrophied during my long sojourn without walking. But, now that I don't have to wear the gosh darned BOOT, I can stand. Made my first grocery store visit (Trader Joe's) this morning.

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