Monday, August 6, 2007

Update, sort of, on my foot, and my new "kitchen:

This doesn't look much different than it did 2+ weeks ago, but thought I'd take another photo of my foot anyway. The upper calf is NOT as big around as the photo appears. Nothing's really changed since the last picture 3 weeks ago. The bone isn't healing very fast (according to the dr.). When people say how are you? my response is: the bone is still broken. I may be in this boot longer than I'd planned because it's slow healing. Probable reason: I had too much movement in the boot during the first 2 weeks, so what little movement I did make (not knowing) probably kept reopening the fracture a little bit. So, now my foot is wrapped in an ace bandage, THEN it goes into the boot. My foot has much less ability to rattle around inside it. My foot and ankle still swell every day. Especially if I don't lie down some a couple of times a day, which is ever so boring.
But today a "bone stimulator" was delivered to me that I will use once or twice a day until the bone heals. A little plastic boxy thing, about 5" x 1" x 1" with an attachment that wraps around my foot and showers ultrasound waves to stimulate bone growth. Costs $3,000. Can't rent it. Insurance will pay 80%. It better work, that's all I have to say about it!
So, DH said about an hour ago, I'll go shopping and maybe I'll make grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Okay, he asked? Sure, hon. When he got home, I said, why don't you go get the Cuisinart electric frypan. I'd asked him at least 2 weeks ago to go dig it out of the shelves in the laundry room where it lives, but he hadn't done it. I bought it last year when our kitchen was being remodeled, and cooked with it and a 2-burner hotplate for the 4-month construction of the new kitchen. He dug that out, then brought in our ancient card table from the garage and voila, I have a kitchen setup that will maybe, just maybe, work for me. So here's a picture of it. It helps that DH will be my schlepper - get this please, get that please, but he's content to do that rather than cook. I'd far rather cook than schlep, so it's a good combo!

I know, doesn't exactly look exciting to you, but after not cooking for a month, this is a big deal for me. Now I'll have to rethink our menus - what dishes can I cook in this frypan - and photograph them, since that's been my biggest problem posting my tried and true recipes to my blog! One or two of my cookbooks have sections titled Skillet Dishes. I think I need to go research that, AND look through my entire main MasterCook cookbook and see what recipes will adapt to this. Bye now. I have a new project for the afternoon.

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