Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Update on my Foot

I've not had a very good couple of days. My foot hurts. Aches. The doctor called ME - believe it or not - to check on me this morning and he decided he needed to remove my purple cast, after hearing my report on the pain. So, I'm now in a removable boot/cast, but only promising that I will not, under any circumstances, walk with it. I'm still completely off the foot except to balance getting up or down. I'm spending way too many hours a day lying down with my foot elevated above my heart to reduce swelling. We had no tv, air conditioning or internet most of today because of some electrical work being done. Long day.

The doctor thinks I must have some torn ligaments, perhaps some tendon damage, may have some soft tissue damage, and maybe a broken bone in the ankle, although the latter doesn't show up on the x-ray. If my pain isn't better by Thursday he'll order an MRI. So far this afternoon I'd say it's improved with the new boot. We'll see whether I can sleep tonight, however. Sleeping hasn't been all that good to this juncture. I wake up about 2 every morning in heavy-duty pain and can't get comfortable or sleep.


Britt-Arnhild said...

I am so sorry to hear about your foot.
Blessings your way!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Grandma I know what you feel like!!:) Hope you get better soon.