Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oh my, oh da-- *%#!

No, this isn't some new kitchen implement. I wish. You like my pretty purple cast? Could this be one for a mastadon, as big and bulky as it looks. Yesterday, my doctor's office told me I had a minor broken toe. The foot doctor says oh no, my dear, you have a fractured foot. It's actually the outside metatarsul bone, but it's broken in a very strategic place - along the outside edge, broken halfway through the bone. And two tendons attach to it, this long bone, and every step I was taking was pulling on the fracture in two different directions, even though I was only putting weight on my heel. And my foot needs to be immobilized for 6+ weeks. Sigh. And he also said this is the hardest bone to heal of all the multiple bones in the foot. Great news.

So, it's a cast. I can't walk on it at all. I can't drive. And getting in and out of our house is difficult. It's not wheelchair friendly. Sigh. More sighs. We'll be sleeping in our one downstairs guestroom, I think. Where's that darned shower seat?

A friend picked me up at the doctor's office (thanks, Joan) and delivered my car home later on. And she and Tom fetched the wheelchair in the garage. I tried crutches. Oh my goodness, was I ever unstable on those things. And I tried Dave's walker that he "lived in" while his leg was healing last year. That's hard work, let me tell you.

My DH is returning early from his trip, will arrive late tonight. Don't know what this may mean about cooking. He loves to barbecue, and he's a pro at breakfast. But other meals? No, he'd rather go out. Or buy out. Maybe I can teach him a few things about cooking in the coming weeks. Whether or not we'll be able to do the kind of cooking we're used to in this house remains to be seen. Dave loves good food, but whether he'll want to actually make it himself? Well, I don't know. I'm sure I can do a lot of the sous chef kind of work, but he'll have to do the cooking itself. Last summer when we were under kitchen demolition we created a makeshift kitchen in our front entry hall and I did a lot of cooking in a new Cuisinart electric frypan. Guess he'll need to dig that thing out again and maybe I can make a few skillet dishes.

So, stay tuned. I'll let you know how things are going. :-)


Kalyn said...

Oh my what a drag. Very sorry to hear it.

Carolyn T said...

Oh, this wheelchair living is tough. I have a whole new appreciation for the disabled. I'm very unstable on crutches, having never used them before. And the walker is not much better. I suppose the wheelchair is the lazy woman's answer. I'll need to start doing some yoga or something.